Considered to be the economic powerhouse of Japan. Situated at the mouth of the Yodo River on Osaka Bay, Osaka is the third largest city, in Japan with a population of 2.5 million, while the Greater Osaka area has a population of nearly 18 million. Its historical significance as the commercial capital of Japan, for many centuries has not faded, as it still functions as one of the command centers for the Japanese economy.

Hot spots to visit

Osaka Aquarium

Situated in Osaka Bay's Tempozan Harbor village, the Aquarium is renowned throughout Japan. Introducing a variety of life forms that inhabit the Pacific Rim, in a replicated eco-system of sorts, it is a well-organized, extravaganza of marine ecology.

The regions of the Pacific Rim is represented in 15 individual tanks, with the tour of the aquarium beginning from the 8th floor, that slowly spirals around the central tank, floor by floor.


One of Osaka's two major city centers, it is considered to be the most famous shopping and entertainment district of the two, enclosing around Namba station. Offering a variety that suits everyone's individual tastes and wants, with the likes of Amerikamura, the Nipponbashi Den Den town, the colorful Dotonbori entertainment district, and the Shinsaibashi shopping arcade.

Osaka Castle

Having a history of several centuries, and some stores been operated by generations, Nishiki markets, encompasses the enduring tastes of Japanese culinary appeal. With over one hundred shops, with an assortment of fresh and processed foods, as well as many Kyoto specialties, common place food items and other abundant food products.


The other-half of Osaka's two main city centers, situated around the major transportation hub of Osaka and Umeda stations, offering an abundance of dining, entertainment, lodging and dining, with several department stores and underground shopping malls amidst a bustling business district.

Umeda Sky Building

A prominent architectural design that dons the Osaka skyline, the two 173 meter tall towers is entwined with one another by the floating garden observatory, on the 39th floor.

Museums in Osaka

Museum of History

Opened in 2003, the Osaka museum of history encompasses a wide variety of exhibits, which gives a contemporary identity of Osaka's chronicle history, beginning with its ancient history to the bustling arcades of the showa period.

National Museum of Art

A museum that attributes itself within a mosaic of Japanese and foreign contemporary art, with special exhibitions throughout the year, situated in two underground floors on Nakanoshima Island, in central Osaka.

Science Museum

Visually stimulating, educative and informative displays of scientific theories and discoveries from the universe, electricity, energy to chemistry. Immersed in the confines of this complex is also a planetarium, and a Imax dome theater, known as the Omnimaxm.

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