Celebrating its 1300th anniversary, this year as the first permanent capital of Japan in the year 710, Nara is instilled with tradition, culture, heritage and grandeur in temple and court architecture that becomes reminiscent throughout Japanese history.

Nara is filled with Ancient temples.

Hot spots to visit

Central Nara:

Todaji temple: Housing the largest Bronze Budda in Japan (Daibutsu), it is one of Japan most famous temples known as the "Great eastern temple". Constructed in 752, as the head temple of all provisional temples, yet it grew too influential in political affairs such that the capital was moved within 30 years. The current temple, rebuilt in 1692, is only 2/3 of the original in dimension and size.

Kasuga Taisha: The most celebrated shine in Nara, constructed as a dedication to the deity responsible for the protection of the city.

Kofukuji temple: Originally consisting of 150 building, the temple complex was the family temple of the then, powerful Fujiwara clan. Build at the same time as the capital, the complex houses the 2nd highest pagoda in Japan, the treasure house, the eastern golden hall, and the northern and southern octagonal halls.

Nara National Museum: The design of the building mainly represents the period of western-style architecture of the Meiji period, housing primarily Buddhist historical artifacts, from paintings to ceremonial scrolls.

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