With an island encased around the southerly pinnacle of mainland Japan and 30 or more islands lie waiting, for fruitful visitors who wishes to see the vibrant flora and fauna of these volcanic islands and its counterparts, further south of the main island, it gives wisdom to the history of Japan, a land mass which rose from the sea.

The southern most tip of Japan, gives host to a vitality, which is reminiscent to the rest of Japan, Cherry blossoms in spring, lush green mountains and fields in summer, the luminescent maple leaves in the autumn sunset, and the ceaseless flight of the cranes under the winter sun.

Hot spots to visit

Mt Sakura: situated across the bay of Kagoshima

With the last eruption been as recent as March, 2009 it is notably active, with smoke rising from its vents year round.

With a ferries every 30 minutes from the Kagoshima ferry terminal and the trip taking 13 minutes, it is a visual splendor to behold due to its size and prominent landscape. Great for mountain hiking and observing the fauna and flora that live around the base of the volcano, with such a nutritious soil the famous sakurajima daikon (white radish) weighs 10kgs and resembles a basketball in size.

Yakushima: situated off the coast of Kyushu

A part of the Kagoshima prefecture, a subtropical island, home to yakusugi cedar trees which are over a thousand years old, some of which date back as far as seven thousand years in age.

With the highest point on the island, Miyanoura-dake at 1935 metres, the subtropical climate allows for a native fauna and flora that differs as the altitude increases. From subtropical vegetation from the coast to sub-alpine species further inland as the altitude rises

The dense and lush forests that intertwine throughout the island, allows for mountains climbing, hiking, and camping experiences to be far more explorative. While at the same time breathtaking in observation as traveler becomes lost in the ancient mountain mists of this island.

Kirishima: A mountain range that lies between Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefecture

Kirishima offers the explorative traveler, a diversity ranging from highlands, volcanic lakes to hot springs.

Kirishima onsen: Having dozens of hot springs, the most prominent of which is Maruo Onsen, with accompanying views that encompasses the kirishima mountain range as a distant view of kagoshima bay and Mt Sakura.

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